The Folks at SNL Seem to Think We Care About More Than 2 People On This List

Image via NBC.

NBC has announced the hosts and musical guests for the March 4 and March 11 episodes of SNL, but an image tweeted by the show Thursday afternoon mistakenly assumes we will care about more than two of them. “MAR 4, OCTAVIA SPENCER, FATHER JOHN MISTY,” reads one column of brightly colored note cards. “MAR 11, SCARLETT JOHANSSON, LORDE,” reads the other.


Though I understand why they felt compelled to share the names of both Father John Misty and Scarlett Johansson (who’ll be hosting for the fifth time), both their celebrity companions (Octavia Spencer and Lorde, respectively) far outshine them in the “Must-See TV” department. It will be nice to see the hilarious Spencer, whose most notable roles (including last year’s Hidden Figures) have been for dramas, do an evening of straight comedy, while Lorde-lovers everywhere are sure to see the young artist debut some music from her upcoming sophomore album.

No offense to Father John Misty (I barely know her) or Johansson (she’s a reliably funny host), but I just do not care.

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Gestapo Librarian

WTF is a “Father John Misty?”

I know I’m an old now, but should I know who this is?