The Flawless Angel Haze Is Here to Take Your Questions

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Have anything you've wanted to ask rapper, lyricist, self-taught Tsalagi speaker and overall badass Angel Haze? Well here's your chance. She's here to answer your questions.


Angel Haze has been on just about every Next Big Thing list compiled since last year. A Detroit native who currently resides in Virginia via Brooklyn, her mixtape Classick and her first EP Reservation are on many a music lover's most-played lists. Her first studio album Dirty Gold will be out soon (on a personal note: so fucking excited for this). Here's the first track from that album, 'Echelon (It's Your Way).'


On Thursday, she's hosting Girls Night Out at Webster Hall here in Manhattan, which is "4 floors of music including the newly opened Marlin Room and as always, ladies are free all night long." Cherry on the sundae: Angel Haze describes herself as "pansexual" and has been an unapologetic advocate for equality, unafraid to pick a fight in the name of justice.

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[Update: Thanks for hanging out, guys! Angel had to run, but if you want to catch her, stop by Girls Night Out at Webster Hall tomorrow night!]

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Madeleine Davies

This is exciting. Thank you so much for doing this!

In your interview with The Hairpin, you said the following:

Hopefully I’ve put out at least three albums. And then I wanna go and buy a house in Montana somewhere and become a shadow writer. [I’ll] never leave the house, [I’ll] just write all day. And I wanna build a Chipotle next door and a Starbucks next door. And just have like, a gang of bitches and a gang of boys that I keep at a distance, you know, just when I need ‘em.

1. What is it about a more removed life that appeals to you both creatively and personally?

2. How can I join said gang of bitches?