The Five Best Lines In The Advocate's Jane Lynch Profile

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The Advocate's interview with Jane Lynch is fantastic, and we recommend reading it in its entirety. But as a teaser, here are the five best parts…

The opening line, one of the best ledes we've ever read:

Nearly 30 years ago, Jane Lynch was a bitchy Cornell University student with a tragic perm and a habit of ending her day with a six-pack of Miller Lite.


Jane on marrying a woman with kids:

I'm maternal in that I'm very empathetic, but children I never got or understood. I've always been more of a dog person. So yes, motherhood has changed me.

On doing a love scene with Cybill Shepherd:

…We were both clothed because no one wants to see us middle-aged broads flopping around in bed. [Laughs] I had one love scene under my belt, and I'm a lesbian in actual life, so I'm sure she expected me to take the lead, which I did. She was absolutely wonderful and open to the challenge. We both had a good time.


On her style:

I love fashion, and I love seeing it on people, I have a hard time with myself, though. I'm hard to fit. I have a skinny neck and a little head and a big ass. It's hard to dress that. [Laughs]


On her struggle with alcohol:

Boone's Farm, that's a gateway drug. I think it's cheap. And it gets you drunk, and it's sweet, but boy, it makes you sick. I remember a friend walking home through the park in the snow leaving a trail of bright red vomit.


Jane Lynch and the Mommy Track (Suit) [The Advocate]

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Jane Lynch is so effing funny. I feel like she is wasting her talent on Glee. Her role in Party Down was infinitely better.