The First Ocean's 8 Promo Pics Are Out

Image via Barry Wetcher.
Image via Barry Wetcher.

Look at this extremely chill assortment of fashionable L Train riders, or is that the 6? Oh yes, it’s the 6, the Soho-to-Uptown segment is much nattier than 8th Avenue to Brooklyn, plus the L has never been this empty in its life.

To assert that the all-woman Ocean’s 8 is much anticipated is an understatement—starring an ensemble cast of, from left, Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Awkwafina, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway and Sarah Paulson, this cast is not only badass but also looking fly as hell. But of course they are, because the premise is they’re jewel-thieving from the freaking Met Gala as led by Debbie Ocean (Bullock), whipping up a little fashion lust within us all while bling-ringing their way to our hearts. Get money, bitches! Also, Rihanna’s character’s name in this is Nine Ball. NINE BALL.

So let’s talk about their outfits, which we’ve seen a bit of before in paparazzi photos of filming. Bullock and Blanchett are clearly some kind of Upper East Side aspiring-society ladies—Bullock looks the most like she works in PR in that outfit—while Rihanna, judging from earlier photos of her with a computer on a park bench (ciphoning wi-fi, no doubt) is absolutely portraying a hacker. Kaling looks like she also works in PR but for maybe clients like Mango and Zara; Awkwafina you can’t tell because they put her too far in the back (fucked up), though if I had a guess she’s playing a rapscallion from Queens? No? And Helena Bonham Carter is like, a goth novelist? Now I’m just typecasting. Anne Hathaway’s character is the editorial director of a Refinery 29-like website and Sarah Paulson is a literary agent; they bond over their mutual love for Mansur Gavriel, and literally nothing else. IF I HAD TO GUESS.


Can’t wait for this shit! But we’re all going to have to because it’s dropping in June of 2018, ugh.

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The reason the train is empty is because there is a homeless dude on the other end of the train.