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The First Indian 'Guess Girl' is Former Miss World Priyanka Chopra

Congratulations to Priyanka Chopra! She's just become the first Indian woman to be named an official "Guess girl."

Illustration for article titled The First Indian Guess Girl is Former Miss World Priyanka Chopra

She joins infamous 'Guess' girls such as Claudia Schiffer, Drew Barrymore, Adriana Lima and of course, the one-and-only Anna Nicole. Here's some beautiful photographs of Chopra taken for the campaign. The styling is interesting, typical Guess image—a little Brigitte Bardot/Sofia Lauren with a punch of 80's Cindy Crawford.

How wonderful for her! It must feel great to be named a spokesperson for something like this. I once launched an unsuccessful campaign to the be the new spokesperson for Chef Boyardee, but that dream died a long, long time ago.


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obviously i am extremely bored at work today.