The First Full Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Trailer Is Appropriately Mind-Blowing

Illustration for article titled The First Full emScott Pilgrim Vs The World/em Trailer Is Appropriately Mind-Blowing

Happy holiday: the first full trailer for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is out, and it makes the movie, in which Michael Cera must fight the seven exes of his object of affection (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) look even more must-see.

Not to go crazy with the neologisms, but could the seen-it-all, way-too-smart-for-the-hero, kind of robotic chick be the new Manic Pixie Dream Girl? Mary Elizabeth Winstead seems to be channeling Angelina Jolie's Acid Burn in Hackers for this movie. In a good way:

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meritxell: an erotic life

I feel like I've seen this movie a million times.

1) Michael Cera reprising his role as Indie George Michael: check

2) "Quirky" object of desire with whimsical fashion sense and flat affect: check

3) Gimmick-y, uber-twee narrative device and overuse of super fast cuts: check

Every time they remake Garden State of Eternal Playlists for 500 Days of Summer We Go I just feel like I'm the target of some pretty heavy demographic marketing. A good sign is if the movie has adorably hand-drawn block letters on the poster.

Although I probably should except Eternal Sunshine from that list because it was actually quite lovely.