The First Agency for Transgender Models Is Opening in L.A.

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A modeling agency that caters to transgender models recently opened its first U.S. location in Los Angeles.

The Bangkok-based Apple Model Management—whose clients include transgender male and female models—is looking to branch out in the American fashion market. The agency currently has six transgender models on its L.A. roster.

The agency’s director Cecilio Asuncion says of its success in Thailand, “It’s slowly changing. It is a Buddhist culture so it’s more forgiving of trans people.”


A section on their website reads:

Thailand has been hosting the famous ‘Miss International Queen’ transgender competition for contestants from all over the world for the past 10 years and has been known in its openness to the gay and transgender community.

As a result, Apple Model Management has opened the first of its kind, full transgender model division, with the goal of giving transgender models an international stage to work worldwide and to globally represent Thailand and South East Asia.

Asuncion adds, “It is time for the LGBT community to step up and help one another. The lay of the land is changing. We truly want to develop the best models.”

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Maybe this is just me, talking from the perch of privilege from having been born in the “right” body for my soul, but...can’t we just have modeling agencies? How is it going to stop being something remarkable if we keep separating the transgender models from the cisgender ones?