The End of Bojack Horseman Is Near, and It Really Looks Like Things Are Going to Work Out This Time

The End of Bojack Horseman Is Near, and It Really Looks Like Things Are Going to Work Out This Time

Season 5 of Netflix’s Bojack Horseman, a television program I previously described as “an animated show… about a bunch of fucked up animals in the entertainment business,” ended with our unlikeable horse-protagonist checking into rehab after hitting multiple rock bottoms. Fans of Bojack know better than to assume that gesture meant he was really, truly going to get his shit together this time; he’s had opportunities to do so in the past and nothing has really stuck. (It’s that harsh reality—those dark, unsettling truths—that makes the show such an enticing watch. I don’t think I’d love it as much if it were portrayed by human actors. It’s much too real for that.) In the Season 6 trailer, Horseman appears to finally work through some issues, and wow, it’s about time. “The main thing I think about is how stupid I am that I didn’t do this sooner,” he writes in a letter from his treatment center. “I wasted so many years being miserable because I assumed that was the only way to be. I don’t want to do that anymore.” It’s growth.

According to a press release, this is also the final season of the show: so either he’s going to make it out, or he won’t. Judging by the two-minute clip, I’d say it’s the former. Things are looking up.

Also in the trailer: Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris) is shown adjusting to life as a single mother. Diane Nguyen (Alison Brie) is still working her meritless blogging job. Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul F. Tompkins) learns about a depth of emotions. Todd Chavez (Aaron Paul) learns… something about his mom. I am far too invested in all of these fictional creatures and their well-being.

Bojack Horseman’s two-part final season will hit Netflix on October 25, 2019 and January 31, 2020, respectively.

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