Bad news about America's favorite breakfast sandwich: The eggs in your Egg McMuffin could be a threat to your health. After some urging from the government, McDonalds has cut ties with Sparboe Farms, one of its major egg suppliers, because the conditions in the farm were so horrific they could no longer guarantee the "fresh, grade A eggs" they're supposedly serving.

The animal rights activist group Mercy for Animals released a video filmed over the summer that featured a look inside of the horrific facilities. The filthy conditions revealed Sparboe to be a factory farm and the sad footage clearly showed signs of animal cruelty: chickens living among dirt, vermin, feces, and other dead chickens. Though the farms generally do not let cameras of any sort on the facilities, they granted ABC News an eggclusive tour around the grounds in which everything looked clean — but common sense suggests that the whole ordeal was just a made-for-TV publicity stunt. The whole thing is very Food Inc. Tune in to ABC's 20/20 tonight for more.