The Dude From Continues To Lead In Delusional Asshattery

Nik Richie, founder of, appeared on Anderson Cooper's daytime show this afternoon to argue his case one more time about how he's not doing anything wrong by posting sleazy photos of women on his website. Sarah Jones, the teacher who sued Nik after the site said she had two STDs, was also there to rehash the humilating story about her students discovering these claims online. Well, surprise, Nik's still an asshole and still doesn't think he's done anything wrong (why would he?).


Some selected insights:

Cooper: "Do you feel good about what you're doing?"

Richie: Anderson, I'm part of media, just like you.

Cooper: Oh dude, you are so not. [Ed: You know he's rattled when he sounds kind of bro-y.] You are so not anything remotely akin to anything I do. ... You're about to have a daughter, so when your daughter gets to be 15 years old or 16 years old and some troll takes a picture of her at a party and posts it saying all sorts of things about her — that she's sleeping with the entire football team — that's fine?

Richie: "However she wants to take it, she wants to take it. If it's gonna really affect her in that way, that's gonna suck, but it is what it is, Anderson. This is a new wave, this is a new world, there's no such thing as privacy, you know this better than everybody."

Richie: You're not in it daily, you don't see the emails I'm getting from parents, thanking [me] now that they know their daughters are doing drugs.

Cooper: I'm sure you're getting a ton of emails from parents, thanking you for putting their daughters on your sleazy website.

And our personal favorite:

Richie: I think I'm waking up the world, because if my site wasn't around you would have people on the internet, saying whatever they want.

Cooper: That makes no sense, Nik, and you know it.

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Oh man... I can't wait for the reality of having a daughter of his own to kick in. The first time some douchelord on the 'net calls her a whore, he's going to lose his shit (as any parent should).