Over at The Guardian, Jill Filipovic gives us ten ways to tell the difference between a dude and a dude-bro. Her breakdown is hilarious, but we think it's even more complicated: sometimes a dude-bro is just a douche, but not necessarily sexist or homophobic. Perhaps we need an official dude-bro spectrum, ranging from "maybe he's just clueless" to "maybe he's a rapist." Here's our scale:

1. Otherwise Normal Guy Who Likes Nickleback
2. Luke Russert
3. Ryan Lochte
4. Daniel Tosh
5. Fraternity members who submit tips to Barstool Sports
6. The Situation
7. Gaston
8. Tucker Max
9. Tucker Max fans
10. Hunter Moore

Feel free to add your suggestions below.

(Image via Disney)