The Dreaded Milania Loves to Scream

When it comes to the children of the Real Housewives franchise, many are adored and some are despised, but none are as feared and respected as Milania Giudice of New Jersey. Welcome to Catching Up with Milania, where every week, we—as tribute—will be checking in with my hero, Bravo’s dreaded daughter.

It was the impending visit of her cousins that kicked off Milania, our beautiful daughter of dread.

“I love to scream,” she shouted and scream she did, though it gave Teresa a headache. If anything, that made her scream louder.


“God help me,” Teresa said when she knew—or thought—she was alone. “Being with Milania...”

But little she knows, she’s always with Milania—or rather Milania’s always with her. She floats above Teresa’s conversation with Jacqueline, invisible to the naked eye, smirking at the women’s so-called reconciliation. She sharpens her teeth as she listens as Dolores brag of her handsome, successful son Frankie, knowing in her black heart of hearts that their luck—much like the Manzos—will soon run out. At Dolores’ leopard- party, she hides in the shadows, jeering and sniggering as her mother tells tale of her days in prison—or, as Teresa calls it, “camp.”

Prison, ha. How simple, this human concept. How simple, this human mind. Is there a jail cell that could hold the Dreaded Milania? How fun to see them try.

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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