The Disney/Goth Connection

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Regarding Alice In Wonderland: "While the movie itself is aimed at a much wider audience, ground zero of the marketing effort is Hot Topic…"


Yes, the Wall Street Journal is all excited that Disney has "invited Goths to the party." Imagine that, the "happiest place on earth" embracing darkness! Except, as we all know, Hot Topic is Goth like Taco Bell is Mexican food: Only sorta. And they've been selling Nightmare Before Christmas stuff (also Goth-esque, also Disney, also Tim Burton) for years. Plus, a Tom Binns Wonderland-inspired "Smashing Time" tea party necklace, which retails for $1,000, doesn't sound very Goth, either. But the point is: Disney's Alice stuff is being marketed to grown-ups, instead of kids. And Robert Smith is on the Alice In Wonderland soundtrack. And I am buying this Mad Hatter ring. Which is not Goth, but cool. That is all.

Disney Invites 'Goths' to the Party [WSJ]

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I just wanted to say thank you for the link to Torrid. I've been sitting here crying for 10 minutes because I found a site with cute plus size clothing. I live in a crappy military town with no shopping opportunities unless I want to drive for well over an hour, and even then, plus size is never easy to find.

I can wear these things! And they're relatively affordable. And they're cute! Thank you, Dodai. You have made my year. And just in time for my birthday!