The Daily Show's Female Employees Speak Out

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Here's an open letter from women who work at The Daily Show. I just wish the show had agreed to answer questions or make anyone available to talk when I approached them for comment before the piece was published. [TDS]



I don't want to crack open any Mommy Wars cans of worms, but the letter reminded me of those puff pieces in homemaking magazines that call stay-at-home moms "the CEOs of the kitchen" or suchlike.

Irin's piece was about the on-air talent and the writers. The response is that there are lots of women working in production at TDS and, hey, sometimes Jon listens to them crack a joke and it's totally awesome! It's almost just as good as being on-air, really!

I like The Daily Show, and Jon Stewart. I haven't stopped watching, nor do I plan to do so. If the women who work at TDS say it isn't a boy's club and the women who used to work there say it is — who am I to say who's right?

But what I've taken from this is that the Daily Show could do better. If they really believe in their work, they should always be striving to do better, whether "Jezebel thinks they're sexist pigs" or not.