Monday’s Supreme Court ruling safeguarding abortion rights was a major victory, finding that Texas was imposing a substantial and undue burden on both abortion providers and people seeking safe and legal abortion care. And what better way to celebrate than a winky tweet about all the people you’re gonna go jizz into?

That was, anyway, the evident logic over at The Daily Show, where somebody tweeted this:


Fuck yeah, dude! Love 2 knock people up now that the Supreme Court ruled I don’t have to wear a condom or whatever! [Chest bumps, synchronized guzzling of Monster/Jäger blend, insistence that you’ve definitely had sex before, hope that no one will see your painful, crushing loneliness and excruciating self-consciousness, jerk off, sob.]

People from across the political spectrum responded, uh, negatively:


And so someone who gets paid a salary to do social tried again:


Still wrong! But can’t wait to see your next pass at this, guys!

Trevor Noah, who hosts The Daily Show now but probably didn’t have anything to do with that fire tweet. Photo via Getty