The Daily Show Reminds You That Everyone Dies in the Story of Noah

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The movie Noah has stirred up all kinds of hubbub over whether it's "Biblically accurate" or a godless Hollywood perversion of the almighty word of God. However, The Daily Show makes a good point: It would appear some critics aren't going off the King James or New International versions, but rather their rosy memories of their children's illustrated Bibles.


One Fox News personality protests the dark tone of the movie, waxing nostalgic about her memories of the story in which "everybody lives happily ever after." Can you spot the problem with that? (Hint: It's that all but two koala bears die.)


The Daily Show
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RIP, koala bears. (And prehistoric humans.)

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C.A. Pinkham

The Fox News personality you're referencing at the end there is Dana Perino, former Bush White House Press Secretary, btw. Just in case you were curious.