The Daily Show Notices the GOP Is Courting Gays Now

Illustration for article titled iThe Daily Show/i Notices the GOP Is Courting Gays Now

Remember when U.S. Republicans were wooing Latinos in 2012? Well, the political party has ditched them for the LGBTQ vote and The Daily Show's Al Mardigal is none too pleased. In fact, Madrigal believes 'Latinos were the original gays!' and then he mentions something about mojitos being a "gay drink."

Anything that invites double fisting churros is fine in my book.


Image via The Daily Show.

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they've got a better chance there than with women. i have known soooo many racist, reactionary gay men that it makes me a little bit sick to think about it. i look at grindr and here's this parade of guys tripping over themselves to tell you how 'masculine' they are, and it's obvious that their only real interest in 'civil rights' is to extend cisgendered hetero male privilege to cisgendered gay men as well and fuck everyone else. ugh.