The Daily Show Bids Farewell to the Great Samantha Bee

Illustration for article titled iThe Daily Show /iBids Farewell to the Great Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee, who has spent the past 12 years charming the idiots of America into revealing their ugly opinions on abortion, gay rights, race, and beyond, has officially left her post as correspondent on The Daily Show.

Bee is taking her considerable talents to TBS, where she’ll host her own as-yet-unnamed comedy show. She’s also producing a scripted, 10-episode series starring her husband Jason Jones, another recently departed Daily Show correspondent. Check out a reel below of Bee’s best moments on the show, and try not to get choked up during her tearful goodbye with Jon Stewart.


Image via Comedy Central/screengrab

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fighting polish, white sox rememberer


I’ll miss you most of all, Samantha Bee’s one woman show about Morning Joe…