The Conner Family Is Just Like We Left Them, Except Dan's Alive

Bringing TV back from the dead is the new normal, but this Roseanne teaser is the first time I’ve found seeing an old set and cast of characters extremely jarring. It’s like when you have an anxiety dream about visiting your old high school; everything is the same, but different.


In the extremely short clip above, the revival jokes about Dan Conner’s demise on the series. Here he is, alive again and talking up the late ’90s Chicago Bulls. Roseanne enters the scene to admonish him for living in the past.

“When things are gone, they’re gone!” she declares, before giving her trademark laugh. Oh god, it is the ’90s again, and Alicia Goranson has made some sort of pact with the devil, because Becky still looks 16. This teaser is giving me emotional vertigo. Will the series make me seasick?

Deadline has reported an interesting update on what will be happening with the bonus Becky, Sarah Chalke. Rather than having two Beckys, the show as incorporated Chalke as a middle-class woman named Andrea who has hired the Goranson Becky as a surrogate. This show is leaning into meta extremely hard. You have until March 27 to lash yourself to something steady that’ll take you through the waves of nostalgia.

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Ugh on the one hand Roseanne was one of the few blue collar family shows before it got all ridiculous at the end. The early episodes were great.

On the other hand Roseanne spouts off a lot vile stuff on Twitter and seems a bit unhinged.