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The Comeback's Comeback: Valerie Cherish's First Trailer!

The Comeback was, notoriously, the brilliant 2005 show starring Lisa Kudrow as Valerie Cherish, a '90s sitcom actress who gets a chance at kickstarting her career by starring on a reality television show... about her attempt to kickstart her career. In brief, it was hilarious, extremely meta, and too ahead of its time—reality television hadn't gobbled up every channel at that point, and its subtlety may have been lost on the HBO execs who canceled it after one season.


So for The Comeback's comeback, re-upped on HBO after the network realized it was sitting on the best TV show ever (and through the diligent efforts of the show's fealty legions of fans), it appears it's gotten even more meta: Valerie Cherish is now acting in an HBO show, on which she plays "a neurotic old sitcom actress." It seems that Valerie still can't get a break, with her well-accustomed coterie of scriptwriters who despise her (PAULIE G!); younger, sexier actresses who outshine her (Juna Milliken!); and one lifelong hairdresser who will do anything for her, except give her a hairstyle that is remotely relevant to this century (Mickey Deane!). CAN'T WAIT, DO NEED TO SEE THAT.

The Comeback comes back November 9 on HBO.

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I have always been a ridiculously fervent Friends fan. I once literally bumped into Lisa Kudrow in an airport bathroom and instead of saying "excuse me" or "I'm sorry" I just stared at her for a few seconds and instead said "I LOVE YOU!" And then I ran away without using the bathroom.

That's my Lisa Kudrow story. Also, I'm just trying to say that I'm super duper excited about this.