The Children Of Destiny's Child Won't Be Having Children

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In case you were hoping to one day witness a power wedding between Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy and Kelly Rowland’s son Titan, I’m here to tell you you need to fold that dream up, put it in your pocket and just go ahead and throw the pants away because it ain’t happening. Probably.


In an interview with US Weekly, Rowland was asked if 4 year-old Blue and 2 year-old Titan have a romantic future ahead of them, which is actually a very weird question to ask when you think about it.

But when it comes to friend turning into potential in-laws, Rowland can only laugh. “They’re like cousins!” she explained when asked if she hoped the two would date someday.


Well, that’s settled. Probably. Again, they are babies.

You are now free to deliver your best “Blue Ivy and Titan are not going to date” Destiny’s Child-themed pun. I’ll start: “No, No, No” they won’t!

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Rowland can only laugh. “They’re like cousins!”



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ETA: Just to clarify, these are all states that allow FIRST cousins to marry. Yup.