The Child With The $76,000 Bedroom

Custom murals! Designer prints of Barbie dolls framed in gold foil! Pink hand-blown glass chandeliers! Would you spend as much on your child's bedroom as you would on their college education? If you spent your afternoons rolling around in sticky piles of $1000 bills, bored out of your mind, you might. And sure, we all wanted our bedrooms to look like abandoned pirate ships or the Crystal Castle when we were seven, but that doesn't mean our parents actually indulged us — assuming they could even afford to do so (newsflash: they couldn't.) Here's something to consider: paying upwards of $76,000 to give your child a living fantasy may be investing in a very bratty future. (See: My Super Sweet 16.)


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My parents wouldn't even let me paint my room black when I offered to do the painting myself. Clearly this is a sign that I was deprived.

(Or, you know, that my parents had common sense.)