To accompany the episode "David and Goliath," the cast of The Good Wife made a music video. Enjoy Christine Baranski in rollers, brandishing a banana, everyone!

Wow, Julianna Margulies can get down. For a little background on the video's origins, here you go!

The case of the week also evolved from the Florrick/Agos holiday party. The band on hand for the shenanigans had a legal situation they wanted Alicia & Co. to tackle. The band, Rowby and Marshall (played by guest stars Matthew Lillard and Christopher Fitzgerald, respectively), had covered Rebel Kane's version of "Thicky Trick." After they released their version, the TV show Drama Camp (which is essentially a fictional version of Glee) released its own version of the Rowby/Marshall cover. The Drama Camp song subsequently became the best-selling song on iTunes. So Rowby and Marshall sought Alicia's help to get a cut of the profits. But going up against a huge television network would be no easy feat. (Hence the episode's title, "Goliath and David.")


If you look close enough, you can see guest star F. Murray "Salieri" Abraham getting down with the rest of the cast as well. I myself am completely perplexed (Mesmerized? Entranced? Zombified?) by the whole song, but I'm sure the rest of you will enjoy it just fine.

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