The Captain Marvel Sequel Is Official, But Can It Compete With a New National Treasure

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In the fight for stream supremacy, HBO Max is rolling out new projects in hopes of outshining Quibi and stalling the Disney+ takeover. But traditional networks like Lifetime will not go quietly into the night. May the show gods be with you all during this over-saturated time.


A sequel to Captain Marvel is officially in the works at Disney’s Marvel Studios. Brie Larson is set to reprise her role as the second Marvel character to make me cry in a crowded theater. Killmonger is the first. Obviously. [Deadline]

The Broadway musical Mean Girls, based on the movie by Tina Fey, will be adapted into a film. Helmed by Tina Fey. Mean-ception? [The Wrap]

Angelina Jolie wants to teach kids about detecting fake news and will do so on a new show for the BBC. Adults trying to spot fake news are on their own. [Variety]

Lorena Bobbitt, hero and icon, will get a moment to shine on Lifetime. Her story has been greenlit for a new biopic, I Was Lorena Bobbitt. [Variety]

Billy Eichner was cast in the latest American Horror Story about impeachment.[Deadline]


Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer are coming together to give the people exactly what they have been clamoring for since 2007, National Treasure 3. [Variety]

HBO Max is releasing a satirical animated show about the royal family, The Prince. Orlando Bloom, Alan Cumming, and Iwan Rheon will lend their voices to the cast, with Rheon and Bloom playing Harry and William. [Deadline]


Tracy Lysette is developing a new series about a white working-class trans woman. The series has yet to find a distributor. [Page Six]

Ava DuVernay will executive produce a pilot for HBO Max starring Rosario Dawson. The show, DMZ, is based on the DC Comic book series of the same name. [Deadline]



I have watched Captain Marvel many times. (I made sure it was the first thing I streamed on Disney+.) But no matter how many times I watch it, I still cry when Just a Girl starts playing. I know exactly what they were doing to manipulate me emotionally, but I succumb to it. I still tear up a little when I watch Wonder Woman. I also cried when they passed the ERA on in the For All Mankind alternate history (and when Virginia’s legislature ratified it in real life).

I cry because I’m thrilled to finally see women superheroes headlining their own movies on the big screen. I cry because I’m sad and so mad that I didn’t get to see that when I was a kid. (I love Lynda Carter as much as the next person, but that show wasn’t as good as the other superhero fare out there.) I also cry because I’m happy that little girls growing up now get to see that sort of badassery from women. I may be crying a little as I type this.