The Campaign To Get Ladies To Stay Home

Today, L.A.-area voters go to the polls to choose between the man on whose behalf the above ad was created, and the woman who's depicted as a gang-loving stripper in it. That's not the only way it's gotten ugly.

Janice Hahn, a Democratic councilwoman from a political dynasty, is facing Tea Party-backed Republican Craig Huey, and though the district leans Democratic and Hahn has a financial advantage, nothing's being taken for granted. Perhaps that's why abortion has become an issue, including Huey's words that "I believe that the Supreme Court Decision of Roe v. Wade is an incorrect decision, as bad as the Dred Scott decision by the Supreme Court years ago about slavery." It's true that as a congressman he wouldn't be involved with Roe directly or indirectly, but the GOP-controlled House has been doing everything it can to curtail abortion rights since the day one.


Given that the district is largely pro-choice, Republicans are not happy about this. They've been airing a radio ad with a woman saying, "Hahn is simply reaching for an issue that divides us. Haven't we had enough of this from the political class? Let's send a message to Janice Hahn and the political establishment that we aren't falling for their divisive tricks any more. Abortion isn't the issue. California has 12 percent unemployment. Creating jobs is the issue." Don't tell House Republicans!

According to Politico, getting pro-choice women and men to stay home is the express point:

Scott Wheeler, executive director of the PAC, writes bluntly that the ad's aim is to depress turnout among supporters of abortion rights.

"We have a 'girl next door voice' reading our ad attacking the pro-abortion Hahn even though this is a heavily weighted pro-abortion district. We want the pro-abortion voters that would certainly support the liberal Hahn to STAY HOME! By making the point that the ECONOMY and not abortion is the key issue, we can discourage Democrat voters and drive them away from the liberal Democrat candidate," Wheeler argues.

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, recall primary elections are underway, with open primaries allowing anyone to vote. A report on a Wisconsin liberal blog suggests that Virginia-based Right to Lifers are also trying to get pro-choicers to stay home by issuing robocalls to confuse them about absentee ballots.

Right. These elections have absolutely nothing to do with choice!

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Am I the only one who thinks all this conservatism and touting of "traditional" values is just part of the traditional historical cycles? I mean, if you look at US history it's full of fairly liberal periods followed by a slow backlash of returning more toward conservative values, then a period of high religious and conservative beliefs, then a huge liberal response.

The 1950's are an obvious one - the 1920's were quite liberal compared to previous eras, then slowly the country got more conservative, the 50's were a height, followed by a backlash in the 60's, but it's been going on in our culture for centuries - Google "the great awakening" if you don't remember what I'm talking about. The culture of the 1920's was actually partly a response to the third "great awakening" in the early 20th century.

What goes around, comes around.