The British Are… Being Investigated for Their Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell
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British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell is allegedly being investigated by the FBI as a result of her relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, Reuters reports.


According to a source, Maxwell is a primary focus of the investigation along with a number of other people who allegedly facilitated Epstein’s accused behavior. For her part, Maxwell has yet to be charged with any criminal acts.

While it appears the FBI may have plans to investigate Maxwell, the sources also said that the bureau currently has no plans to investigate Prince Andrew, whose ties to Epstein resulted in him stepping down (cough getting fired cough) from his royal duties. Whether or not the Prince has already been interviewed is “a matter for the FBI” according to a representative for the royal family.

Maxwell, allegedly a member of Epstein’s inner circle, was his girlfriend well before she was his business associate. Now, staying friends with your ex is already indicative of some questionable decision making skills. Staying friends with your ex when your ex is Jeffrey Epstein implies an entirely different set of concerns.

In 2015 Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s alleged victims, filed a defamation lawsuit against Maxwell, who had claimed Giuffre was lying when she claimed Maxwell facilitated her alleged assault by Epstein.

Even after Epstein’s death, the FBI has promised to continue on in these investigations, looking into anyone who may have had a hand in any of his alleged crimes. Although Andrew may have “stepped down” and Maxwell is currently withdrawing from public life, I have a feeling we’ll hear more about these two sooner rather than later.

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As I see soem misunderstanding, doesn’t Andrew being inline to the throne give him sovereign immunity?  I see a lot of folks dumb-founded that he hasn’t/isn’t been/being investigated, but between that and the statute of limitations having run out on the Gifuffre allegations, there is not much the FBI could do, right?  And the Queen certainly isn’t going to voluntarily hand him over, anyway.