The Breakfast Club is Back (Kinda) and You're All Welcome

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Saturday, March 24, 1984 has reappeared at SXSW, and it takes the shape of a blonde (and pregnant? IDK, there's a lot of pics of her holding her stomach in a expectant-mother way but don't quote me on that) Molly Ringwald and still-smoldering-after-all-these-years Ally Sheedy, on hand to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Breakfast Club.

Wow. The Breakfast Club is 30—30!—and that just made me feel incredibly old. In case you're not able to catch the duo in person at SXSW, fear not: the film is being screened at theaters across the country on Thursday, March 26, and Tuesday, March 31. Hell yeah.

[Us Weekly]

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Speaking of the '80s: Sinead O'Connor will no longer perform her iconic hit, Nothing Compares 2 U, citing "emotional detachment" as the reason for her inability to sing the very song that put her on the charts. It's annoying for fans, I suppose, but kudos to her for taking ownership of the situation and letting them know ahead of time, lest there be a dramatic influx of ticket refund requests. [Fact Mag]

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Salon spit Internet vitriol all over Meghan Trainor's new release, Dear Future Husband, deriding it as "the worst song of 2015." Well, it's only March, etc., but if you've got three minutes and 20 seconds and want to decide for yourself, you can watch it below (or not, and spend that time doing something productive, like reading through all of these juicy Dirt Bag links!).


50 Cent put Rick Ross's baby mama's naked pics on YouTube and now he's going to court. I've got a 22nd question for you, Fiddy: WTF were you thinking? [NY Daily News]


Nicole Richie + Rashida Jones (+ their amazing bangs) = pure perfection. [Who What Wear]

America Ferrera's got a new sitcom coming out and it sounds kind of awesome. [The Hollywood Reporter]


•Your fashion guru Jessica Simpson wore a lot of bright colors in typical New York City style and thinks life is too short to not wear shoes that hurt your feet. [People]

•Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher is using tech words that make me want to pull my hair out, like "disrupt" and "brands," but Mila Kunis's sweater looks pretty cute and like it doesn't hurt her feet. [People]


•Zig, zag: Natalie Portman is battling poverty in Israel. [Algemeiner]

Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt are the kind of parents other parents dream of one day being, but probably won't be because come on. [Daily Mail]


Katy Perry has a thing for men who, IMO, are beneath her. [NY Daily News]

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That Meaghan Trainor song is exactly the kind of dumb shit people like, so I predict it will be a hit.

And I'm upset by that Sinead news because that song is great and I like to sing it after breakups.