The Boy Band Butlers of Downton Meme Is the Best Meme You'll See Today

If you're A.) looking for a good laugh, B.) love the dulcet tones of boy band music and c.) think that all of the best jokes are upstairs/downstairs based, you're in luck! The very funny Tara Ariano of Previously.TV has used the last round of Downton Abbey promo stills to create the day's best meme, Boy Band Butlers.

Above you'll find Ariano's Downton homage to Boys II Men, but if that's not your style, she also works her Mrs. Hughes-level efficiency and Dowager Countess wit by matching up the photo of Carson, Thomas, Handsome Landry and the one whose name I don't know with the lyrics of One Direction, N*SYNC, the Monkees and many more.

Boy Band Butlers [Previously.TV]


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