The Best Female Rap Video About Jeggings You Will See Today

See, jeans cause muffin top and other maladies, but "jeggings suck it all in." Behold an ode to jeans plus leggings, complete with fire, boomboxes and gratuitous tummy rolls.


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I was hardcore anti-jeggings for a while, due to the stupidity of the name, even though I have been a leggings fanatic since waaayyy before it was stylish.

But I work at Lane Bryant, and they are obsessed with their jeggings there, so eventually I had to try some on... holy crap, I'm addicted. I wear them almost every day now.

The ones I have don't have a fly or button, but do have back pockets. They're thicker, have more structure than a legging, and pretty much feel like jeans except stretchier and slightly softer. I'm afraid for the summer, when it'll be too hot to wear them.