Do you like adorable things? Good! So do I!

Check out this video of four Tasmanian devil joeys born in Sydney's Taronga Zoo crawling around and being adorable. According to Zooborns, their birth is important due to the fact that a deadly facial cancer could wipe out Tasmanian devils within the next 15 years,

Field monitoring has shown a dramatic fall in the population of devils since the disease emerged in 1996. After getting the disease, devils generally do not live longer than six months.


In spite of the challenges facing the species, these little devils are doing just fine.

"They all look fantastic. Their condition is really amazing, so it's a testament to Nina, who is a first-time mother, to be able to confidently parent these young. She is certainly very defensive to us every morning and that's the response we want to see — Nina protecting them — so she's definitely doing a very good job."


Tasmanian Devil Quartet: Three Boys and One Adorable Little Girl [Zooborns]

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