The Adult Video News Awards are the biggest event in the porn world, which is why it made sense when it was announced in December that they’d be hosting a panel discussion on consent. The panel was reportedly set to feature Stoya, the performer who accused ex-boyfriend James Deen of rape. And now, Fusion reports, it’s been quietly canceled with little explanation.

The consent panel was set to take place on Saturday, January 23. The description from AVN read:

Consent Degrees: Yes, No and Everything in Between (1-2 p.m.)

Adult performers of all gender orientations operate in a world where they must create the illusion of ecstasy even though sometimes they may not always be having a good time. We’ll bring together a group of experts and industry veterans to discuss how the adult community can work to make sure performers—particularly young newcomers—are comfortable about speaking up if they’re not really down with what’s happening on and off set.


The Wrap reported in December that Stoya would participate in the panel, but she tweeted recently that she’s chosen not to attend AVN at all this year:

Fusion reports that they flew to Las Vegas to cover the panel, still listed on the AVN Awards schedule, only to find when they arrived that it’s been scrapped, per a spokesperson.


Even without Stoya’s participation, it does seem like a discussion about consent and safety in porn might’ve been a fine idea right about now. Fusion’s Cleo Stiller notes that Deen is also in Las Vegas, meaning he’s likely planning to attend AVN himself. He’s nominated for numerous awards; however, one of the hosts this year is Joanna Angel, yet another ex-girlfriend who has accused him of being violent and sexually abusive during their relationship.

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Deen at the 2015 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. Photo via Getty