The Arkansas ‘Toe Suck Fairy’ Is Finally Behind Bars (Again)

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Arkansas tootsies can rest safe — 51-year-old Michael Wyatt, otherwise known as the "Toe Suck Fairy," has finally been slapped by the long arm of justice after a Faulkner County District Court judge sentenced him to a year in jail for breaking the terms of a previous deferred sentence.

Reuters reports Wyatt had pleaded no contest earlier this year to harassment charges stemming from a 2011 incident, and was told, as a condition of his deferred sentence, that he not be caught harassing women, which he of course did in a grocery store parking lot back in May. Wyatt, who has pled not guilty to the May incident, has been something of a foot pestilence ever since the 90s. In one particularly elaborate instance of harassment, Wyatt pretended to be a podiatrist so that he could "fondle and suck" a woman's toes in a clothing store. Later, in 1991, he was convicted of making threats to a convenience store clerk after he told her that he would cut off her feet and suck her toes while she bled to death, which menacing outburst earned him a four-year state prison sentence (he only served a little over a year of the term).

Almost a decade passed until Wyatt struck again in 1999 when he asked a woman in Walmart if she wanted him to amputate her feet, and then showed her a picture of a woman without feet as if that would somehow convince her of his dexterity with a hacksaw. Wyatt faces another hearing about his most recent charges in September, but this guy sounds seriously disturbed and definitely deserving of at least a little time removed from the general population.


Arkansas "Toe Suck Fairy" jailed for one year [Reuters]

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I have to share:

Friend of mine: stands about six feet tall and wears a size 11 shoe

Time: About 15 years ago, we were 16 or so

Place: Grocery store

Shoes: casual flat leather sandals — nothing fancy or sexy

The incident: Friend and another Mutual Friend are in the chip aisle deciding between two items. Some guy stands a couple feet behind them. And just stays there. Mutual Friend thinks he's looking at chips, too, and just politely waiting for them to move on, so she scoots to the side. He then proceeds to crouch down... stick out his finger... and poke the bare heel of my friend's foot.

Friend looks down not knowing what the hell is touching her foot. Mutual Friend (all four-feet-eleven-inches, ninety pounds soaking wet) loudly exclaims, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

The Poker just stammers, "Uh... Sorry!" and runs off.

Fetishist? Pedophile? Never seen a big foot before? All three? Fucking weird, man. Fucking. Weird.