The Anti-Abortion Movie That Looks Suspiciously Mainstream

Were you to click on this trailer for October Baby and watch it for the first 50 seconds or so, you might think it looked like a movie about a sick girl, something like Black Swan meets Sweet November. But then you get to the quote from an "abortion survivor/speaker," and your brain is like, wait, whaaa?


Keep watching and you'll find that it's a movie about a girl who is adopted after she survives an abortion. She wants answers, so naturally she turns to... Jasmine "I know where your birth mother is" Guy, and from there things get serious (and a little confusing). They splash in some uplifting music, some tossing oneself dramatically onto the bed, some zany mugshots, and poof! They've got themselves a coming of age film—or what looks like a coming of age film but is actually more a piece of soft-focus anti-abortion propaganda.

Though it looks like any middle of the road Hollywood movie, it turns out October Baby is the work of American Family Studios and Provident Films, which "understands and elevates the art and the business of faith-based films." They also made Courageous, a movie that obsessive viewers of 19 Kids And Counting will remember some of the Duggars acted in during one episode. American Family Studios is part of American Family Association which calls itself " the largest and most effective pro-family organizations in the country," and is known for boycotting and lobbying against the mainstream media.


If you should need/want further proof of this movie's very pro-life agenda, please refer to Jasmine Guy saying, "I saw the pain, and I didn't see no tissue. I just saw the face of a child." (What ever happened to our beloved Whitley Gilbert?!?!) See also: the priest saying, "You have the power to forgive, to choose to forgive." Luckily, we also have the power to not see this movie when it hits theaters in March 2012, but in the meantime, if we need a Jasmine Guy fix, the trailer is available on iTunes. "Siri, I want to watch October Baby again!"

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So fainting is the result of being a living botched abortion?

Also, she's adopted, so those people "clearly" aren't her parents.

This is what I get from this trailer.

PS - I'm curious, how do babies that survive an abortion fare? How would that even work? (I'm woefully undereducated on how abortions are actually performed, and whether there is actually a rate of survival of babies)