The Amazing and Multifaceted Jean Grae Is Here to Take Your Questions

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If you've ever listened to the music or laughed at the hilarious tweets of MC Jean Grae and thought, "Damn, I would really like to be her friend" (and if you're familiar with Jean, let's face it — you definitely have), today is your lucky day. The musician, screenwriter, author and all-round cool-ass broad is here to chat with you and take your questions.


Born in South Africa and raised in New York, the overwhelmingly accomplished Jean Grae has not stopped working and creating probably since she was in utero. (I hear the deep cut of her pre-birth album is incredible, btw.) Grae officially began her music career in the mid-90s with the hip hop group Natural Resource, but, as we wrote of her back 2012, "struggled as a solo artist to find her footing in a rap landscape that was overpopulated with hyper-sexualized female artists." Regardless, she continued to work and produce a brand of music that is truly of her own mold.

These days, Grae's music is highly respected in the upper echelons of the hip hop community, but she still defies expectations by appealing to a broad, diverse audience and creating art in exciting, unexpected mediums. In the past few months alone, she has released an audiobook titled "The State of Eh," debuted her sitcom Life with Jeannie online and put out her latest album Gotham Down (which she wrote, produced and mixed herself).

And now she's taking time out of her busy schedule to talk with you — YES, YOU. Don't be shy! Ask away!

(P.S. If you want to see more of Jean Grae and live in the New York area, she'll be hosting a monthly show at Union Hall in Brooklyn, starting February 14th. How romantic!)

UPDATE: It's 4:15pm and Jean Grae has left the building. Thanks so much for all your questions and thanks to Jean for taking the time to answer them!


Madeleine Davies

I have two more questions (sorry).

1) You seem to fall in the center if a pretty interesting/complicated venn diagram. You're generally loved by feminists, the hip hop community, comedians, etc. Is it ever stressful to exist simultaneously in all these worlds? Is it exciting?

2) And this is really dorky, but what are your favorite parts of New York city? Where would a Jean Grae cosplayer go to hangout if she wanted to achieve a level of authenticity?