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The Airport Is No Place For Romantic Comedy Moves

Illustration for article titled The Airport Is No Place For Romantic Comedy Moves

Haisong Jiang's friends say the 28-year-old doctoral student, who was arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport after ducking security to give his girlfriend a goodbye kiss, is simply a "romantic" who got caught up in the moment.


Jiang, according to the Associated Press, now "faces a defiant trespassing charge and a fine of up to $500," though Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey tells the New York Times that he hopes federal charges are also brought against Jiang for his security breach, as he feels Jiang's current proposed punishment "is hardly noteworthy and would not discourage people who want to break through the perimeter."

It's hard not to feel bad for Jiang and his girlfriend: who hasn't thought about, or even tried, getting that last minute kiss in before a loved one heads off into the boarding area? But at the same time, as the Times notes, Jiang's kiss lead to "1,600 people stuck in the airport for six hours; flights delayed and an 'incalculable' loss of money." Romance is one thing, but locking down an entire airport just to get one last kiss is quite another. It might all work out in the movies, but in the real world, it's probably best to say your goodbyes before your loved one crosses that security line.


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Friends: Man Meant No Harm At Airport [MSNBC]

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damn it. i have a layover in Newark in a week. There have been a few delay stories from Newark in the past couple weeks and I swear if my flight to glorious Southern California is delayed by some yahoo who tries to kiss his girlfriend or bring in a bomb in his underwear I am going to be pissed.