The Agent Who Dropped Rose McGowan Has Just Dropped Her Agency

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Oh what a difference a tweet makes...maybe?

THR is reporting Sheila Wenzel, the agent who represented Rose McGowan before dropping her this week, has exited Innovative (the agency) “amid [the] firing flap.” Though there were discrepancies between McGowan’s tweet and comments made in an interview with Gawker’s Rich Juzwiak, the firing certainly suggests a direct connection between McGowan’s original tweet about Sandler’s movie and today’s events. But honestly who the hell knows.


A call to Innovative’s Santa Monica office today confirmed that Wenzel is no longer with the agency, but the receptionist who answered declined to provide further information.


Since we still don’t have confirmation that Wenzel exited the agency because of Rose McGowan’s actions, it’s possible that they could be completely unrelated. We have no idea why Wenzel left! We have no idea when it happened! All we have are a few tweets, a bizarre interview, and a tiny sliver of information from Innovative.

For now, all we know for certain is that Rose McGowan has had a very stressful week.

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