That Upcoming Tonya Harding Movie Finally Found Its Nancy Kerrigan

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Just days after this glorious photo of Margot Robbie in full Tonya Harding drag was first revealed to a public that was in no way capable of dealing with it, the upcoming biopic/probable camp classic I, Tonya has found its Nancy Kerrigan. Deadline reports the coveted role has gone to Caitlin Carver, an actress and dancer best known for small television roles on shows like The Fosters and Parks & Recreation.

Based on photos I’ve seen of Carver, her look is more “CW Villain Who Is Ultimately Revealed As Being Not That Bad Once You Get to Know Her” than “National Sweetheart Ice Skater Whose Post-Whack Wail Could Break Even the Most Hardened Hearts,” but then again, I never thought Margot Robbie would be capable of this:


If this isn’t the best movie of 2018, I’m going to be so mad.

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