Oh, the shit that passed for humor in the 90s! As old scans of a 1995 issue of Spy magazine remind us, this includes taking on the name of the gay character from Melrose Place (comedy gold!) and tricking Republican congressmen into assessing the First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's hotness in detail.

And while Spy might no longer be in print (if only that was so because of this heinous stunt), Joe "I don't know if 'pretty' is the right word" Scarborough still is, unfortunately. Below, a handful of other delightful male Republican quotes on Ms. Clinton's pulchritude:

The answers include some notable responses from now-MSNBC host Joe Scarborough saying "I don't know if 'pretty' is the word I would use for her," and current Rep. Steve Chabot saying "she's not a dog โ€” but she not gorgeous. I'd give her a five."

"I think she's attractive โ€ฆ but she does have kind of big hips," said Rep. Bob Ney.

"Oh, I think she's cute," said Rep. J. C. Watts.

"I think she's attractive," said Rep. Bob Ehrilich.

There's also Sonny Bono's (of Sonny and Cher fame) answer, regrettably cut off in the lede image, where he says "the Bono Test."


If you can handle it, Buzzfeed's scans contain the whole range of Republican opinion on the prospective presidential candidate's face and body, including a Letter to the Editor on this being the best "bait to get [Republicans] to talk to us." It seems like these congressmen aren't the only ones fulfilling a stereotype. It's also the liberal men who use women as collateral damage to make fun of their political opponents since 1995 โ€” let's be real โ€” the dawn of time.