That Much-Needed Amy Winehouse Biopic Is Coming

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Noomi Rapace is reportedly in talks to play the late Amy Winehouse in an upcoming biopic, because apparently there are a few shreds of the tragic star’s life that pop culture has yet to fully exploit.


The screenplay will be written by Kristen Sheridan, according to the Hollywood Reporter, and Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s father, is reportedly in talks to offer his daughter’s music rights.

Following Amy, the heartbreaking documentary directed by Asif Kapadia released earlier this year, it’s difficult to see why the public needs any more Winehouse coverage. The documentary depicted an unstable pop star trying to balance her own desires and demons with the many demands of her fame-hungry father, her drug-addicted ex-husband, her business team, a road manager who repeatedly put her on tour when she needed help, and the relentless paparazzi.

But Winehouse’s story is undeniably compelling: she earned three Grammy awards and is the second best-selling British artist of the 21st century. She packed an enormous amount of destructive living in before her death of alcohol poisoning in 2011, when she was just 27 years old. It seems that she might become another Marilyn Monroe, fodder for movie after movie, never allowed to rest.

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The fact that her father is still trying to profit off her with this is enough for me to want to boycott the film. I will always remember the footage in the documentary where she’s taken a couple months off to try to get healthy, get out of the public eye, and recharge, and he shows up with a film crew to film her for some reality show. The look in her face (that they captured and used) was heartbreaking.