That Hot Felon Has Been Set Free to Steal Your Girl

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In 2014, Jeremy Meeks set a new bar for hot mugshots when his incredible face was posted to the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page. The Internet took one look at those baby blues and lost its damn mind.


Meeks has served his time, 27 months in a Nevada prison on a weapons charge, according to ABC News. Today, he is a free man with a robust social media presence. Let’s track where Mr. Meeks is at, via Instagram, because he either has a smart phone in jail, or his wife is in charge of this account and is reminding everyone that she is first come first serve:

Holy crap, he has a brother:

Remember! Wife! And a cute kid:


This is a reminder of his family and a little something wet for the thirsty amongst us:


He’s free and he’s got representation:


A happy ending that unfortunately doesn’t end with kissing Jeremy Meeks right on the mouth.

Image via Stockton Police Department.

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