Thanks to the New York Times, You Now Know That Zosia Mamet Recently Had Food Poisoning

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Did you know that Zosia Mamet, the daughter of playwright/auteur David Mamet and one of the stars of a humble little HBO series called Girls, is your best friend? It's true — she has been since Girls premiered last spring, and will probably only develop a stronger bond with you once Season 2 premieres next weekend.


Are you slightly embarrassed, maybe, that you don't know more about your bestie? You should be — Mamet's velour-suited, Sex and the City superfan Shoshanna has been one of the show's most consistent sources of laughs, something that even those viewers who doubt whether Lena Dunham's Brooklyn accurately reflects their multicultural mural of Brooklyn will probably agree with. Mamet has entertained you, and here you've been too busy guffawing to notice that she's a real human with real humanness. She's not a clown, you guys. Jesus.

In order to help you get better acquainted with BFF Zosia Mamet, the New York Times has helpfully published a thorough profile of the Girls star, which includes a litany of biographical info just in case you ever find yourself paired of a Newlywed Game-type show with Zosia:

  • Her name is pronounced just like "Sasha" if "Sasha" began with a "Z."
  • She was doped-up on Nyquil when she auditioned for Girls and totally thought she didn't get the part. But she totally got it because that's what happens in every successful audition story, so nbd.
  • Dave "Daddy Pants" Mamet is willing to believe that his daughter is actually an orphan from South Africa.
  • She was a "wild" teenager, which can mean anything from "she spent her time smoking weed and watching movies in a sweet teepee she made in her dad's attic" to "she killed like forty-seven people in the 90s and had to spend a few years lying low in Ecuador." The Times just doesn't say.
  • She's fond of saying "human" instead of "person," as in, "One day, Zosia Mamet will one day win Time's ‘Person of the Year Award' and, as her first order of business, change it to the Time ‘Human of the Year Award.'"
  • She swears a lot, like way more than a Tarantino movie.
  • If acting ever falls through, she'll become a pirate. At Disney World.
  • She rather recently had food poisoning.
  • She also rather recently weaned herself off coffee.
  • Shoshanna was totally not supposed to hang around after the pilot, but Lena Dunham totally turned her into a recurring character after succumbing to fits of laughter at Zosia's audition.

Zosia Mamet Is Still Getting Used to Being Your New Best Friend [NY Times]

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she is/was totally in Mad Men too right? Peggy's photographer friend who work[s\ed] in the building?