Thanks To Her Amazing Swamp Tour Story, Tiffany Haddish Will Star In Groupon’s Super Bowl Ad

Tiffany Haddish became a superstar in 2017 thanks to both Girls Trip and the perfect promotional tour surrounding it (including this phenomenal story about Groupon and an A+ SNL appearance), and it appears her celebrity will only expand in 2018. At the very least, she’s on track to make a hell of a lot of money.


The actress/comedian/master storyteller revealed Monday morning that she is Groupon’s new spokesperson, and People reports she “will appear in a series of commercials — including their upcoming Super Bowl spot.”

Groupon’s head of marketing tells People:

“We went in with a script but honestly some of the best stuff we’ve got she improvised. She knows our product better than a lot of Groupon employees, it was incredible. She could name what she’d done, the experience she had and how much she’d saved. She’s experienced a lot, she’s now sort of on staff now, part of our team.”

I haven’t used Groupon in years but now I feel like I need to give it another chance. Ah, the power of a well-chosen spokesperson. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go buy some Downy, Nespresso, and more Downy.


I know it’s sort of shocking to hear this, but we have not one but two pieces of good news this Monday morning. It has been reported that the late George Michael “secretly donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to keep a HIV trust afloat in memory of his first love.”

Michael first donated to Project Angel Food, an LA-based charity that helps people “suffering from malnutrition and HIV,” in 1993—“the year he lost his 36-year-old lover Anselmo Feleppa” to complications from HIV/AIDS. Said their executive director:

He was so supportive and is the single largest donor in our history. He sent a $25k donation to us religiously every year to the tune of more than half a million dollars.


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I was recently told to follow Sonja Morgan on Instagram, and lemme tell you, it was great advice.


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Haddish really is the best storyteller. After watching that clip for the first time, I went and looked up more interviews with her and she’s consistently captivating. You can’t not like her. My favorite stories begin with “What had happened was...”.