Thanks to Global Warming We Can Look Forward to Discovering More Bodies Hidden in Glaciers

GRANDMA, ARE YOU IN THERE? / Image via Getty
GRANDMA, ARE YOU IN THERE? / Image via Getty

A couple who had gone missing in 1942 while tending to their cows was discovered recently after a melting glacier in Switzerland revealed their previously snow-buried bodies.

The couple, farmers Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin, went out to tend to their cows when they disappeared. A ski-lift worker stumbled upon some backpacks, male and female shoes, and a body part under the ice. He told reporters the bodies were lying next to each other and wearing clothing from World War II.

The couple, who were 40 and 37 when they went missing, had seven children. When their youngest daughter, now 79, heard her parents had finally been found using identification papers found with the bodies, she told Swiss newspaper Le Matin that she and her siblings “spent our whole lives looking for them, without stopping.”


This is not the first time missing bodies have been found in a melting glacier. As more glaciers around the world melt due to global warming people keep finding artifacts and bodies that were once hidden for hundreds of years. Some of them, like 500-year-old Inca children, are perfectly preserved beneath the ice. So even though global warming will totally kill us and our children and our children’s children if they don’t, of course, leave for another planet, at least it’s giving a bunch of people closure when it comes to missing relatives and loved ones!

Thank you global warming, thank you.

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