Thanks to a Creepy Ultrasound, Expectant Parents Are Now Expecting a Demon

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A man on Reddit announces that he and his wife are the proud parents-to-be of an adorable, red-faced, leering demon, whose first photo is above. This is so, so metal.

In the Reddit post, which we saw via Raw Story, the man writes, “Wife and I went to get a ‘4D’ ultrasound of our unborn child. Saw this picture. Changed our minds.”

He’s clearly joking, but there are moms out there—this worried lady on The Bump, for one—who see those ultrasounds and worry their infant is going to be a total uggo:

I just had my 2nd trimester ultrasound at 18 weeks and I feel like such a bad mother because the baby looks so strange! Her nose looks amazingly large and her features just don’t go together.

Has anyone else had a 4d ultrasound where they didn’t walk away going...”ohhh how adorable.!”

I mean...regardless I am going to love, love, love my baby even if she looks like a frog with horns...but I’m hoping those 4d ultrasounds aren’t representative of what my baby will really look like. Anybody else have the same result???


Another mom concurred:

I got my 4D sonogram when i was 30 w and it looks wierd my baby forehead looks like its deformed

The same is true of a bunch of other women on other community forums, like What To Expect, none of whom were told to expect to see a fetus that’s still under construction:

I had my 4d ultra sound today and the pictures where terrible now I’m so depressed. Has anyone else had one and the baby looks distorted and not normal. I am so depressed about this I was so happy to be having a baby now I just cry.


All of which is hilarious, as are the suggestions on Reddit to get a “prenatal exorcism” on Demon Spawn. Except for the part where people do actually occasionally perform exorcisms on pregnant women due to a feared demonic influence on the baby. Here’s Bob Larson, a Phoenix-based pastor who bills himself as a “real exorcist,” and who did an exorcism on a woman earlier this year who he said had a “curse” on her unborn child due to sexual abuse in the family:

Well, this one was funny until we managed to make it a bummer again.

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Rad demon fetus via Reddit

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