Thanks a Lot, Witch Hunters: Jeremy Piven's Show Is Cancelled

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CBS has passed on a back-nine order for Jeremy Piven procedural crime drama, Wisdom of the Crowd. Somewhat ironic, as it is the wisdom of the crowd that has refused to separate this man’s alleged actions from his art.


TV Line reports that the 13 episodes already in the can will air, but the move by CBS is effectively a cancellation. The show’s ratings weren’t excellent to begin with:

It should be noted that Wisdom of the Crowd wasn’t breaking any ratings records. It premiered on Oct. 1 to 8.8 million total viewers and a 1.3 rating, but went fractional in the demo with its fifth episode. To date, it is averaging 7.4 million viewers and a 1.0 demo rating. Among CBS dramas, it only outrates Scorpion and MacGyver (both averaging 0.8 this fall) and fellow Sunday series Madam Secretary (0.7).

But, think how it could have grown if it had been given more time and opportunity! Instead, we’re chasing off Piven and his potentially world-changing show about a man who solves crime for:

  •  allegedly groping the genitals of actress Anastasia Taneie on the set of Entourage
  • allegedly groping the breasts and genitals of actress Ariane Bellamar on the set of Entourage
  • allegedly attacking advertising executive Tiffany Bacon Scourby and ejaculating on her in a hotel room
  • allegedly forcing himself on documentary filmmaker Amy Meador in her own home
  • allegedly exhibiting “predatory behavior” towards Smallville actress Cassidy Freeman.

Consider the loss of talent, the hours of missed entertainment, that comes with driving off every single man who has ever assaulted someone. I mean, what do you all want? For no alleged rapist to ever star in a show again?! The repercussions there are enormous, and here’s a casualty that should wake everyone the fuck up: no more Jeremy Piven on the small screen. Hope you’re happy. The stars are a little dimmer tonight.

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It’s so weird that there was a time not that long ago where anything about that show (i.e., Entourage) was considered worthy of praise. It should hardly be a surprise that any Hollywood production would have some history of sexual harassment, but that show was basically about how men of modest talent are constantly objectifying women sexually in Hollywood. And not in a self-aware, implicitly critical way. The show was about how great it is to be young, famous and male in Hollywood—or at least connected to somebody who is young, famous and male in Hollywood.