Thank God for Abortion at Pride

Viva Ruiz is many things: an artist, a creator, queer, Catholic, and proud to have had two abortions. Thank God for Abortion is the organization Ruiz created in 2015 after abortion clinics nationwide were shuttering due to bureaucratic minefields such as TRAP laws. Her organization created a float to be part of 2018’s NYC Pride parade on June 24, which highlighted the need for access to abortion within the queer community.

Producers: PJ Rickards, Jennifer Perry, and Phoebe Bradford

Creative Producer: Eddie Costas



Part of me is proud she is fighting the good fight; part of me cringes at her “thank God for abortions” and “have 20 abortions...we’ll throw a party”. No one person has the same experience when they have an abortion, but mine was not a party. It was relief, yes, but also pain and regret and naivity. Regret that I messed up taking my BC. Freling stupid that I wasn’t careful enough and got myself pregnant when I was 21 in school, too young and poor and immature to have a baby. Yet I had the abortion with the man I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with (my now husband, married at 25). Now at 28, I don’t regret the abortion but it wasn’t a fucking party. And I know this is only my experience and I am so glad I had the option to have one, to have control over my autonomy. I’m just saying, this is complicated. And surreal to see them dancing for abortions.