Thank God Anna Wintour Approves of Cardi B Now

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Anna Wintour, notorious fashion sphinx who spends her days prowling around the Vogue offices in search of unwisely accessorized prey to defenestrate, has come around on Cardi B’s fashion sense, thanks to the enormous red gown she wore to the Met Gala that pooled at her feet like blood.


In the latest installment of Vogue’s Go Ask Anna, the magazine’s EIC was asked what she thought of Cardi B’s style. Per Page Six:

“I was completely in awe of the stunning dress that Cardi B wore to the Met this year,” she responded.

“She looked unbelievable. It was designed by Thom Browne. She could barely move, but it made no difference. People parted like the queen coming through because she looked so fantastic.”

Continued the editrix: “I had not seen her look as chic or as original beforehand. So I completely rethought my opinion of Cardi B’s style. She rocks.”

Ha, she probably could have just left it at “she looked fantastic” and not thrown in the bit about her formerly low opinion of Cardi’s sartorial choices, but what fun would that be? Either way, Cardi has made it pretty clear she doesn’t need anyone’s sign-off, from Vogue or otherwise. [Page Six]

Jamie Lynn Spears went from blonde to darker blonde in a process that seems to have required an entire support staff and several days, possibly weeks, to complete.

The transformation, if you can call it that, is for her upcoming role as Noreen Fitzgibbons in Netflix’s new series Sweet Magnolias. It looks fine! Good, even! It’s hair! And honestly, it’s...still blonde.


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An imprimatur by Wintour! Someone who’s personal style aesthetic hasn’t really changed since 1995. I’m sure that Cardi B was breathlessly waiting by her fax machine and constantly checking her Motorola StarTAC for this grand pronouncement.