Rollsnideroll writes: "Weezy came to us from the Humane Society last Tuesday after we'd stalked him endlessly on Petfinder and swore up and down we weren't ready for another cat (our 14-year-old orange tabby died last month). His name was Ron Weasley at the shelter, and because none of us know jack shit about Harry Potter, we've taken to calling him Weez, Weezy, Puss-Puss or some other name that doesn't vaguely resemble the first moniker. He is the fluffiest, softest, most delicious thing ever and because he has a little kitten left in him — he's just 6 months old — he's SUPER fun but not in that tiny asshole way some kittens are. He'll be joined by the dog we promised our 6-year-old daughter soon, so we'll see how it goes..." Image via email.