Texas Woman Killed While Trying to Save Suicidal Boyfriend

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On July 4, a woman in Houston, Texas was struck by a car and killed while trying to prevent her boyfriend from committing suicide. Michael Thomas, the woman’s boyfriend, had been drinking at a nearby bar. At around 12:30 a.m, he began sitting and lying down in the street in an attempt to commit suicide by getting hit by oncoming traffic. The woman, whose name has not been released, tried to pull him out of the road when she was struck.


The woman was hit by one car first, then run over by a black Chevrolet, according to NBC News. Thomas was taken in by police for psychiatric evaluation. Officials say the road was dark and there were no street lights on in the area. The drivers of the two vehicles were not intoxicated at the time of the accident and will not be charged.

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Dear god. My first reaction is to be disgusted with the boyfriend - but depression, suicidal tendencies, and addiction (which I assume is included here given his intoxicated state) are serious issues and I’m not sure that’s the right route. I do hope he gets help, though it’s going to be an extremely hard battle now that this has been added to an already suicidal person’s reasons to be in extreme distress. Maybe this brave woman’s last act will get through to him and he’ll honor her by making sure she succeeded in her mission. She did, after all, give her life so that he could keep his.

Just awful, though. Really, really awful. She clearly loved him a lot and she was a very courageous person.