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Here's a tip from me to you (consider it a thank you for our years and years of friendship): Don't call the police when your dealer gives you shitty weed.

You may think that's not advice people actually need to hear. You may think this is just a given. (Or you are stoned out of your mind reading this right now and you have no idea what exactly I'm blabbering on about, but you sort of hope it some how leads to getting Taco Bell.) But there's at least one woman out there who missed this vital life lesson.

According to an Associated Press report on Fox, 37-year-old Evelyn Hamilton called police to complain that she got ripped off by her pot dealer. Police in Lufkin, Texas said she called them because she was angry she wasted $40 on nothing but "seeds and residue." Aww, damn. I feel you on that one, Evelyn.


When officers arrived, she showed them the crummy pot and explained that her dealer refused to refund her money. She was arrested and charged with possession OF COURSE.

See, now this makes that time I called 911 to complain that someone on Tumblr had deleted a shirtless picture of Daniel Craig I planned to reblog seem totally rational. I don't know why those cops had to yell at me so much. Sheesh.


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